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Elevator Company in UAE

We rise by lifting others

Royal Fuji Star is a leading supplier and installer of elevators and lifts across the UAE. We are the best Elevator Company in UAE with excellent elevator service. We are dedicated to working with our customers and building lasting relationships. 

Royal Fuji Star – Your Best Elevator Company in UAE

Royal fuji as one of the best uae elevator companies

Royal Fuji has established teams of highly skilled and experienced engineers working in the elevator business by keeping security and quality as its highest priority.

With more than 15 years of experience in engineering and design, We continue to serve customers and clients ranging from homeowners to the most famous public and private organizations throughout the uae elevator companies region.


We Serve as the Best Elevator Companies in UAE

Every residence has a unique structure, we believe that there is no such thing as quality maintenance. So it’s our mission to provide you with customized, high-quality service that suits your building and your tenants.

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Elevator Installations

Whether home or commercial premises we offer the best service that is tailored to meet your needs. We are adamant that our customers should get the best service from us. An aesthetically appealing elevator fixed with advanced technology is our guarantee to save your money and time.

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Elevator Repairs

Nothing surprising that your elevator had some troubles. It happens that after some years the elevators need repairs. Sudden breakdowns, unexpected entrapments and other malfunctions are common. Make a call and we are here available 24/7/365 for you. Our expert team will handle and make your journey safer.

Royal fuji elevator uae products

Royal Products

As the name suggests Royal fuji elevator uae offers high-quality products that lift your building’s aesthetic sense. Commercial or residential premises had the perfect designs you are looking for. Experience the Royalty with Royal Fuji.

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Maintenance Service

While installing an elevator is too important to take care of it. Meaning that to maintain its working condition. You can expect continuous elevator service and 24/7 accessibility. Short term or long term we work on your equipment to improve its functioning.

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If you wish to modify your elevator to trends or need any replacements don’t forget to contact Royal Fuji. Because we use the advanced technologies and quality products to refurbish your lift by considering your needs. We are able to provide all kinds of modernization solutions that save your money and time. Need a change?

Why We Are Unique in the Elevators and Lift Companies in UAE

It’s clear from our Values that Royal Fuji elevator company in UAE as a global leader follows ethical theories to maintain good relationships with our customers.

Great Strategic Focus

Our aim is to become one of the fast-growing elevator companies in uae and to set a culture of innovation to enhance the service results by providing uncompromising quality products all over the world. Our strategy brings supportable values to all the company partners.

Flexible Contracts

Royal Fuji is here to complete your elevator needs at your convenience. We had flexible Contracts, if you want short term or long term services, and need Annual Maintenance Contracts just contact us we can supply them.

Unbreakable Trust

As an integrated elevators and lift companies in uae, our employees hold a code of conduct. We are fostering trustworthy relationships with employees as well as with customers. We are committed to be recognised as a valuable partner for our customers.

Safety First

There is nothing more than your safety. We wish our customers and employees safety foremost. To assure that we make use of superior products and also keep standards in spare parts delivery, elevator maintenance and modernization.

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What Our Clients Say

We proud ourselves to work with over 242 privileged clients. Check out some of their testimonials.


“Without thinking I could say their service quality is in their name. We experienced Royalty with your team. Customized services with plenty of designs and flexible Contracts. We are satisfied”.


“The one and only confusion is to choose the better designs. Because they only have the best designs.  A Lot of quality products and standard service. Without irritating they are quick to respond”.


“We just waited to get the best affordable Service to replace our home lift. Royal Fuji has really made our needs satisfying. They are pocket friendly and customer friendly. If you’re looking for the best elevator company in UAE, don’t wait to contact Royal Fuji”.

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

Royal Fuji is an independent contractor servicing UAE and other 20 countries. Focused on the standard service, We became the leading lift and escalator maintenance and repair in UAE as we adopted the latest technology to meet current needs with enthusiasm and dedication.

The company believes in the quality of its products with teamwork, only through having a deep understanding of the minds of each member of the Royal fuji elevator uae family.

Whether in the home or in the office, you can rest assured that Royal Fuji has done the word and you are in safe hands.

We have the complete elevator solution to meet your needs. Our services include new residential, commercial, and affordable home elevators, repairs of damaged lift and maintenance, modernization and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract for elevators).

Each architectural design of the elevator is unique and depends on your requirements. As a dedicated elevator company in UAE, the tiny things do not skip by.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we book your first appointment?

It’s too easy to fill out the booking form or contact Royal fuji elevator uae directly. We provide 360-degree Services.

Which one is better: Replacement or refurbishment?

That completely depends on the working condition of your lift and escalators. Sometimes a small repair is enough but if the condition is getting too troubleshooting we recommend replacement.

How much does it cost?

Elevator price in uae based on your needs. Every Service had different prices according to the designs, installations, repairs, spare parts, and more. But we promise it will be cost-effective.

Can I use my old lift for other purposes?

Every elevator had its working purpose. They were only conditioned to do that work. So please do not try to use old or repaired lifts for other reasons.

Are your elevator services personalized?

Your satisfaction is our priority so everything we serve including elevator installation, maintenance, modernization and spare parts will be customized. You choose it, we will fix it.