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Our Lifts & Escalators

Royal Fuji Star continually works to manufacture exceptional vertical transportation products with a sense of responsibility and with the motive of providing added value for the elevator sector.

We are working to create high-quality products that have innovative designs by prioritising safety and durability.

Lifts and Escalators













Service of Wholeness

Intelligent Integrated Control System

  • Applies modern vector type integrated control system
  • Support of 64 digits high-end microcomputer CPU chip to combine the elevator control with the drive
  • Unified and well-crafted structure
  • Trouble-free maintenance


  • Space-saving designs
  • Space efficiency is linked with utilisation, construction, and comfort.
  • Saving construction costs and happiness

Automatic Car Lighting System

  • Bid with new generation vector type integrated control system
  • 64 digit high-end micro computer CPU chip used
  • Designs are economic in space
  • Handy operation and maintenance

Car Decoration

Royal Fuji Star realises the aesthetics of traditional styles and the importance of modern grace, our designs are abstract of traditional and modern elegance.

A polished elevator with the best ceiling, flooring, skirt board, gate post and doors are our promise.

RF - J001 (Standard)

  • Integrated ceiling: Painted steel, four sides down lamp
  • Car wall and car door: Stainless steel 
  • Operation panel: Hairline stainless steel
  • Floor: PVC floor

RF - J002 (Standard)

  • Integrated ceiling: Silver membrane, with LED lamp in the middle, vents on both sides
  • Car wall and car door/Front wall panel: Light grey painted steel plate 
  • Operation panel: Hairline stainless steel (separated type)
  • Skirting: Stainless steel or painted steel plate 

RF - J003 (Optional)

  • Car wall and car door: Mirror stainless steels in the middle. Craft wooden facing on the other sides 
  • Gatepost: Mirror stainless steel 
  • Skirting: Stainless steel
  • Floor: PVC floor

RF - J004 (Optional)

  • Integrated ceiling: Painted steel, down lamp
  • Car wall: Mirror stainless steel in the middle, hairline stainless steel for both sides
  • Floor: PVC floor

RF - J005 (Optional)

  • Car wall: Mirror stainless steel, titanium stainless steel
  • Car door: Mirror stainless steel
  • Gatepost: Titanium hairline stainless steel round tube
  • Skirt board: Painted steel

RF - J006 (Optional)

  • Car wall and car door: Mirror stainless steel, hairline stainless steel
  • Gatepost: Hairline stainless steel
  • Skirt board: Stainless steel or painted steel
  • Floor: PVC

RF - J007 (Optional)

  • Car wall: Middle with mirror etching stainless steel, side of stainless steel floor with tube lamp of soft illumination design
  • Car side and car back: Centreboard is made of mirror finish, etching finish, hairline finish auxiliary board is made of hairline finish
  • Handrail: Stainless steel round tube

RF - J008 (Optional)

  • Car wall: Painted steel, tube lamp and white transparent board for illumination
  • Design car side and car back: Centreboard is made of mirror finish, etching finish, hairline finish. Auxiliary board is made of hairline finish 
  • Handrail: Stainless steel flat handrail

RF - J014 (Optional)

  • Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel, down lamp
  • Car wall: Sidewall: hairline stainless steel, mirror stainless steel
  • Rear wall: Hairline stainless steel, mirror etching stainless steel
  • Handrail: Stainless steel, wood 
  • Floor: PVC

15 years of journey is the result of our uphill battle to maintain the standard composition of lift.

The Innovative mechanics we provide are as strong as Herculean.

We contribute our topmost in elevator technology, standard accessories, manufacturing process, long-lasting, finely ground tuned giving everlasting trust.

Gearless Synchronous Traction Machine

Fixing of deceleration drive device in the dumb waiter effectively reduces noise from the traction machine. It magnifies effortless operation with a large drive ratio, solid structure, completely developed technology, top repair cost-effectiveness.

VVVF Variable Frequency Door Machine System

To save electrical energy, the Royal Fuji door machine system applies advanced technology of variable, variable speed and variable frequency. Also, the use of link-lever synchronous belts indoors makes the operation more smooth and peaceful.

LED Energy - Saving Lighting System

Royal Fuji utilises the advantage of LED in our designs for energy efficiency, flexibility of design, low voltage operation, improved environmental performance, instant lighting, low voltage operation and more. It saves 80% of power than ordinary lights and enhances the enrichments.

Best for every style

Being loyal and trustworthy to customers is the success Mantra of Royal Fuji Star

Stable Performance and Smooth Operation

Best Freight elevator should have the best performance and stability, the use of asynchronous traction hosts, ensures reliable performance, and heavy load capability. It has a low failure rate, high efficiency and energy saving. These features satisfy the demand of users about both safety and stability. To improve the comfort of the elevator we use VVVF frequency control to adjust elevator speed and make the running with low noise and smoothness.

Control of Elevator and Drive

For every smooth arrival an elevator needs efficient management controls. We ensure it by the use of the elevator control and drive control by forming a safe elevator control cabinet and more elevator operations more secure and accurate.

To Avoid Equipment Failure

In most cases, the cargo lift causes equipment failure because the design is improper. We are not ready to take a risk over lives. By using the best designs we confirm the strength and it saves from minor collisions. Even a small bladder causes the car lift to malfunction. To avoid this situation we double-check the strength of the lift, all kinds of mechanical and electrical load conditions, car frames and more.

Multi Door – Opening modes

Users have different demands about door – opening modes. Not everyone needs one – way door it’s completely up to you to choose what you really need.

The door may be one – way or two – way it’s your choice. Royal Fuji Star is welcoming and desirous to cooperate with you.

As per your order for different entry or exit requirements we had side opening, center opening double – folded door also.

And we fix it faultlessly with the building place, maybe your factory, warehouse, department store, or house.

We are here for you.