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Best Hospital Lift in Dubai, UAE

Royal Fuji is a modern far-reaching manufacturing enterprise amalgamating manufacturing, installing, Modernising, repairing, and maintaining all types of elevators. We are professional manufacturers using advanced Japanese production technology in the complete set, development, production, and sales of top-loading elevators.

Our company’s Motto is to provide a high-quality service to our customers. Royal Fuji is the best elevator company in Dubai. Our advanced hospital lifts extend safe and secure lifting for patients. We are offering good quality and efficiency at an affordable rate.

Are you searching for the best hospital lift in Dubai? Then there is no second thought; you can give it a shot to Royal Fuji elevators. We are happy to help you with all kinds of services cost-effectively.

Royal Fuji – The Leading Hospital Lift in Dubai, UAE

Royal Fuji - Best Hospital Lift in Dubai

Royal Fuji is an well-known elevator company in the UAE. Our company is highly expert in this field of elevation industry. We strive hard to provide quality and uniqueness in our work with our experience of about 15-plus years in this field.

Royal Fuji is using advanced technology to produce unique and quality products. We always try to incorporate something special in the market that meets the customer’s interest. We work with a highly trained, experienced and professional team of employees who put in all their efforts to bring out sane personal results first.

Our products are high in quality and, at the same time, are affordable to every kind of customer. We are the first company in the market to break the existing stereotype about the quality of the product. It is said that we get quality in an effect only if it is paid high. Still, we make it false by providing quality products at affordable prices.

The attractive services that make us one of the best Hospital Lift companies in Dubai

 Customer convenience and satisfaction is our prime concern. So we work for it and build good terms with our clients.

Hospital Elevator

Hospital Lifts

The foremost advantage of installing a hospital lift is quickly shifting the patients swiftly and safely in an emergency. The electric patient lifts will make the patient comfortable and manageable for all patients. This will ensure their comfort. The patients and other people can quickly travel and reach their floor in hospital elevators in a few seconds. The electric patient lifts are safer and more secure than traditional human lifting.

Hospital Lift Modernization


The elevator is ideal, and the condition of your elevator is still functional, even though updating some systems will significantly improve its performance. It would help if you benefited from the latest technology and kept your elevators in order with the latest regulations with minimal inconvenience to the tenants. Royal Fuji focuses on hoisting machinery, electrical system, signalization, elevator cars and doors for modernization.

Hospital Lift Installation

Installation and Maintenance

Elevators are vertical transportation installed to move vertically from one floor to another. The following process after manufacturing is installation. Royal Fuji has experienced and trained professionals who can install your lift significantly less time and at a low cost. After installation, it is essential to maintain the elevators for smoothness and longevity of the lift. We manufacture elevators that need only less maintenance and are meagre maintenance costs.

Hospital Lift Repair Services


Royal Fuji is a top hospital bed lift and elevator repair service company in Dubai. Hospital lifts and bed lifts are among the most commonly used medical equipment in high-specialty hospitals. These machines require regular service and maintenance. We offer the most affordable repair services in Dubai with our team of highly skilled professionals.

We are the acknowledged administrator in technology, quality and customer satisfaction.

The significant factor of a hospital bed lifts our safety and efficiency. We use the latest technology to make our products bold in quality and efficiency.

Attractive Design

We are providing beckoning designs for hospital lifts. It is available in all designs and colours. We have a right of choice for our customers to choose. All designs are sketched based on the latest technology, easy access, safety and reliability.

Noise and Jerk Free

We not only give importance to the appearance’s quality but also focus on the efficiency of the elevators. As these elevators are mainly used for patients, they should be noise free, comfortable and safe for the patients. We have designed our lifts based on all these aspects so that they can have an undisturbed smooth travelling.

Size and Shapes

Hospital lifts have different dimensions based on other constructions. We customize our products according to the customer’s requirements. Size and shape Are significant for a hospital lift because it should accommodate things adequately for an effective service.

Worth and valuable

Hospital lifts are worth the cost because they do tremendous work lifting patients from one floor to the other with absolute ease and comfort. This also enhances the value of your place. Royal Fuji focuses on providing quality products to our customers.

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What Our Clients Say

To ensure customer satisfaction, we take all our customer’s feedback seriously. We will look into it for further improvements in future. We take pride and the opportunity to share whatever customers want to say about our elevators.


It was so refreshing for us to do business with the Royal Fuji. We will recommend your company to anyone who needs any assistance with elevators. Thank you so much.“.


“From the beginning of the project, it was professional and some of the best technicians I have met. Royal Fuji elevators were all that we desired—well appreciated”.


” We are delighted with the work of Royal Fuji and made the right choice. Good work”.


” The technicians were very patient in explaining how the elevator worked and ensuring we understood—highly appreciated”.


” I am thrilled that I chose Royal Fuji, which was worth the money. You can go for it without any second thought”.

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

Royal Fuji is one of the top hospital lift company in Dubai. It ensures a high standard of safety for the patients who takes this lift.  We customize hospital lifts for modern hospitals with very spacious and durable cars, smooth and comfortable travel, accurate stop with inch up and inch down push button control in a vehicle, emergency control features and, importantly, reliability and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of a lift for the hospital?

Minimum internal dimensions should be 1600 mm wide by 1400 mm deep. Trolley and structure lifts should be 1400mm to 2400mm in size.

What is the average speed of a hospital bed lift?

The speed range of a hospital bed lift is 0.5m/sec to 1.0m/sec.

What are the safety considerations for using a lift with a patient?

We have to ensure that all the clips are secured and well attached to the patient. Then we have to ensure that the straps are not twisted.

What is a bed lift?

A bed lift is used to carry the patients safely and comfortably without least shaking while entering and exiting. It can have a capacity of 1600kgs to 2500kgs with speed from 0.4m/s to 3m/sec.

Which is the best hospital lift in Dubai?

Royal Fuji’s hospital lift is the best in the market. Our hospital lift is reliable and efficient, and it can handle a large number of patients.