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Elevator company in Al Ain; Luxurious Comfort in very Constructions

Royal Fuji is one of the world-class elevator company in al ain. We consistently run to give our customers an elite and an efficient lifting solutions that makes their building more mobile and aesthetic to use.

You can blindly choose royal Fuji for your elevator solutions. There will be no look back for the decision that you made. Our products are designed using the latest technology in trend.

We design a complete elevator package for your needs and cost. The innovation in our work gives top performance for your lifts. We are constantly trying to adapt with the latest technologies and provide an elite elevators to our customers.

Here we are presenting about the World-class Lift and Elevator Company in Al Ain

Royal Fuji - Elevator Company in Al Ain, UAE

Royal Fuji offers a complete range of passenger lift, cargo lift, hospital lift and moving walkers. Within the luxury range, we are the top distributors in the UAE. Highly esteemed within the ambitious UAE lift and elevator companies today, Royal Fuji star is regarded as an inspirational place of work and result oriented when it comes to fulfil the needs of customers.

We have combined excellent, innovation and technical expertise in every part of it. Our company is dedicated to thrive for the best for our clients. Royal Fuji employs highly trained staffs and ceaseless investment in it’s outlet which ensures clients gratification and deep-rooted relationship.

Serving the Best among the other Elevator and Lift companies in the UAE is our endeavour

It is very important to satisfy the customer by meeting all their expectations. But it is to be focused that the company should go beyond the expectations of the customers to gain loyalty. Royal Fuji is one such elevator company in uae which gained their customers loyalty by their extraordinary services.

Elevator Installation in Al AIn

Lift & Elevator Installation

A elevator metal box which is attached to a tough metal rope. This row passes through a raft on the lift in the engine room. The raft is like a wheeling pulley the clutches to the metal rope and is operated by a motor. When the switch is initiated the motor is activated and the elevator goes up and down or stops. This is the working process of a lift and it is a very tiring process. As the best elevator company in al ain, Royal Fuji is here to make your installation process an easy and smooth one. We help you out to install any type of elevator to your different constructions with precision.

Elevator Modernization in Al Ain

Elevator Modernization

Modernization is a process which denotes the change in the way of regular process. It is meant to adapt to the current time, conditions and fashion in general so as to feel connected. So in elevator system also we should adopt with the new changes and make it much more efficient. The elevator components mainly include speed controlling system, electric motor, rails, cabin, shaft, doors, buffer and safety devices. We can modify the lifts using the latest technology and professional technicians and make it look beautiful and smooth. We also have fascinating offers for your elevator modernization with a budget friendly package.

Elevator Repair Services in Al Ain

Elevator Repair & Maintenance

The maintenance of the elevator put on to the productivity and the impermeability of the building. We offer attractive annual maintenance contract (AMC) services in the market which makes the buyers easy to get their lifts into a brand new one. We have the best offer for elevator repair services in the market our services provides a superior quality to your lift functioning.

Royal Fuji stands out from other Lift companies by our effective features

Being unique is a state of having peculiar qualities from others. Our company has a great inspiration towards loyalty. So we emphasize on this aspect and put in our work. This makes us different from other elevator companies in al ain.

Elevator Safety

Feasible is one of the most key elements to consider while planning to install a lift to your construction is safety. Elevator installation is subjected to the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulation(LOLER) And provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PUWER). Our company abide by these regulations and assures a broad-ranging safety.

Elevator Design

Design is also one of the parameters that should be focused on lift installation. We use the latest technology and architecture to design the lifts. We customize the designs based on the environment or construction in which the lift is to be installed and make sure that it fits well. We, along with our customers work together to achieve this process.

Environmentally Sound

Our lifts are designed to be greener. Our eco-friendly elevator system focuses to control traffic and curb interior lightning to save energy. We use ecological lubricants and have machine-room- less technology lifts that put an end to hydraulic oils and pumps. This is one of the biggest break-throw in elevator designs. Room-less lift consumes only less space which helps to have flat roof and can accommodate solar panels and green plants in the space.

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What our customers say about us

Our clients are our biggest strength. Without a strong customer base, a business will fall to bits. Creating trust on our company is one of the greatest achievement of our company.


The civil work for the elevator installation was hard for our space but Royal Fuji made it easy because they rely on a wonderful team. Great teamwork!”


“We are very happy that after so many years of trying to make our office accessible, we finally succeeded with the help of royal Fuji. We are placed for all the support we received.”


We had lots of doubts regarding the design for our lift. Everything was sought out at a swift by the team. We are happy with royal Fuji service.”


“When we called up royal Fuji for our elevator service we had response at the moment and I was also surprised by their repair work done within a period of one week.”


What I like about royal Fuji lift was that the lift was very quiet and the ride was very smooth. I highly recommend royal Fuji first job they are the best elevator company in al ain.”

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

Royal Fuji is one of the leading elevator company in al ain. We supply our products in and around the UAE with impressive quality, luxurious look, and convenient access. We have been in the merchandise for about 15 years. The company has earned it desired reputation for prompt customer service and high-end professional support. It has emancipated morale in work and its school of thought is based on the total adherence of its employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in elevator maintenance?
  • First examine the interior of the lift car for any damage to the walls, ceiling and handrails.
  • Examine the indicator lights for any burned out lights.
  • Operate the elevator going up and down to check the levelling accuracy and you can make any adjustments that are needed for your lift.
What is a service lift?

A lift which carries heavy goods in the field of businesses services lift.

Which type of lift is used in hotels?
Which type of lift is used in residential buildings?