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Our Products

Royal Fuji Elevator and Escalator company with 16 years of experience in the Vertical Mobility field provide finest quality elevator and escalator Products.

Passenger Elevator

Designed with accuracy Royal Fuji Passenger Elevators ascend your riding experience to the next level with comfort and convenience. Classy touch with the fusion of innovation and sophistication. Explore our Passenger Elevators:

MRL Passenger Lift

MRL Passenger Lift

The face of modernity in elevators. Fusion of innovation and sophistication.

Stair_Chair Lift

Stair/Chair Lift

Inclusivity in its modern form. Gifting freedom, accessibility and convenience for the people who face mobility challenges.

Home Elevator

Home Elevator

A stylish addition to your residence. With the touch of comfortability the perfect vertical mobility solution.

Passenger Elevator in Saudi Arabia

Commercial Lift

We provide top-tier Commercial Elevators, designed to enhance efficiency in business environments including hotels, offices, and various commercial premises.

Hospital Elevator

Hospital Elevator

The helping hand to save the lives of millions. Designed to ensure swift, safety and seamless transportation.

Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic Elevators

Vertical Transportation on another level. Harmony of stunning visual and functionality.

Cargo Lift

Royal Fuji Cargo elevators are efficient in the purest form. Designed to carry the heavy loads rigorous transportation our Cargo elevators makes your job smooth and enhances workflow.

Cargo Elevator in Saudi Arabia

Hydraulic Cargo Lifts

Discover the convergence of strength and precision with Royal Fuji Hydraulic Cargo Lift. Efficiency and productivity through Hydraulic Solution.

Traction Lifts

Traction Lifts

Superior vertical transportation through our Traction Lifts. Whether it’s residential or commercial purpose Traction Lift got you covered with convenience. 


Royal Fuji Dumbwaiters make the transportation of goods easy. Whether it’s residential kitchen or office our dumbwaiters provide smooth and reliable functionality. Enhance your workflow and simplify your task with Royal Fuji Dumbwaiter.

Dumbwaiter in Saudi Arabia

Kitchen Dumbwaiters

Elevate your Culinary experience into the next level with our Kitchen Dumbwaiter. An efficient way to transport food, utensils and food supplies to different levels of a building.

Dumbwaiter for Home

Dumbwaiter for Home

An efficient way to manage your daily tasks. Whether it’s laundry or grocery our Home Dumbwaiter aligns your interior and provides functionality.

Restaurant Dumbwaiters

Restaurant Dumbwaiters

New dining experience through Royal Fuji Restaurant Dumbwaiter. No more delays with a touch of innovation.

Dumbwaiter for Laundry

Dumbwaiter for Laundry

A revolutionary solution to manage your laundry. With our Laundry Dumbwaiter transporting heavy loads and delivering dry ones is not a big task.


Royal Fuji Escalators are designed to make the flow of people in high traffic areas easy. Experience modern urban mobility with our Escalators. This dynamic solution provides the seamless ride between floors.

Moving Walkway-Travelator

Moving Walkway/Travelator

A modern vertical mobility solution for people within a building. Now reaching your destination whether in an airport, mall and busy concours are easy.


Standard Escalators

An essential solution to connect different levels. Royal Fuji Standard Elevators are the perfect way to navigate spaces.

Car Elevator

Royal Fuji offers automotive convenience through Car Elevator. This redefines parking and enhances efficiency. Ou Car Elevators save your space with a touch of sophistication.

Car Elevator in Saudi Arabia

Car Elevator/Automobile Elevator

A revolutionary solution for parking. Innovative elevators combine elegance and functionality.

Just Talk with Our Representative

Curious about our offerings or need assistance with any inquiries? Our committed team is at your service, completely free of charge. Simply reach out to us via phone or email, and we’ll be thrilled to lend a hand.

Why Choose Royal Fuji

Royal Fuji Elevator and Escalator Company is the vertical mobility solution provider written in the golden  name, by serving 7 emirates for almost 16 years. Always give safety and quality as the primary priority, we provide the perfect solution to our client’s needs. Incorporating advanced technology we are always ahead of time.

Relying on Italian Technology and rapid delivery we are always on the top of serving our clients with dedication and expertise. Regardless of the size of the project we are the definitive solution of all your vertical mobility requirements.

As a leading innovator of this industry we made our product with cutting- edge technology to provide reliable and durable products. 

Our commitment to detail is symbolized through our quality products.  By incorporating advanced technology, sophisticated and modern outlook we are intended to provide the best elevators which suit their preferences.

We prioritize safety of our passengers so that we include safety features in our elevators. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What types of elevators do you offer?

a. We offer a wide range of elevators, including Passenger Elevators (MRL, Home, Hospital, Stair/Chair Lift, Commercial, Panoramic), Cargo Lifts (Hydraulic, Traction), Car Elevators, Dumbwaiters (Kitchen, Restaurant, Home, Laundry), and Escalators (Moving Walkway/Travelator, Standard).

2. What sets Royal Fuji apart?

a. Our elevators are known for their innovation, quality, safety, reliability, user-friendly controls, personalized solutions, and sturdy construction. We prioritize passenger safety, incorporate advanced technology, and offer tailored solutions.

3. How does Royal Fuji ensure passenger safety?

a. We incorporate advanced safety technology and adhere to international safety standards in the construction of our elevators.

4. Can you provide customized elevator solutions?

a. Yes, we offer personalized solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs. We assess the interior space and provide the best-suited elevator solution.

5. What types of elevators are suitable for residential and non-residential structures?

a. Royal Fuji offers elevators suitable for both residential and non-residential structures, ensuring convenience, safety, and reliability.