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Our Modernization Service

Fed up with annoying lifts? Mess with malfunctioning door system?

Well, we’ve got the solution for you! Everything gets damaged or non-performing over time and it’s natural.

Do you think it’s impossible to remodel?


Is Modernization Mandatory?

Lift is like our heart. Sometimes it gets hurt. But what if you never heal from what hurt you? Again it hurts you deeply and It will spoil your happiness.

Likewise, tiny damage will infect the condition of a lift, and it becomes troublesome. Could you think of a noisy and inoperable lift? It is simple to resolve at the beginning. It gets hard if you don’t repair it.

ROYAL FUJI STAR can satisfy your needs by elevator modernization. No matter how hard it is to fix it, our skilled refurbishment team finds a solution.

With 15 years of experience, Royal Fuji has undergone loads of circumstances and projects. It made us even more dedicated and held a place.

We provide absolute modernization solutions from design, manufacturer, and delivery. We assure you our service before and after the whole process of modernization, check out our designs and pick out what you like.