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Royal Fuji Star supplies lift parts for all kinds of elevators and integrants to ensure performance and safety.

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Speedy and unfailing-spare and lift parts for commercial plants

High-quality lift parts...

High-quality lift parts can be provided within short notice from our storehouse.

Our spare parts auspiciously...

Our spare parts auspiciously show beyond doubt themselves under a feasible environment.

With the concern of our customers...

With the concern of our customers, we also constantly enhance the design and traits of our spare parts, taking into consideration aspects such as economical, life cycles and effortlessness of maintenance.

Our team has sound insight into elevator...

Our team has sound insight into elevator engineering and technology. This ensures the best choice of material, classic design and enterprising recommendations for advancement.


Door System

Two panels center opening car door

Two panels center opening landing door

Two panels side opening the car door

Two panels side opening landing door

OTIS Lift Light Curtain

Thyssenkrupp Lift Light Curtain

Safety Components

RF 240B Bi-directional

RF240 One-way

RF088 Instantaneous Type

RF188 Progressive Type

RF188-B Progressive Type

RF288 Instantaneous Type

RF 250

Linkage Cable

RF – 500B

RF – 10B

RF – 500A


NEMICON 1024 Encoder

ERN 1387 Heidenhain Encoder

ECN 1313 Heidenhain Encoder


KONE Lift Encoder

HITACHI Lift Encoder

Cross Flow Fan


QF 330

Freight Lift Fan

3 Phase Filter

Deflector Sheave

Steel Rope & Chain

Steel Rope

Compensation Chain