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Royal Fuji is one of the best lift companies in UAE with 18 years of experience in the vertical transportation field.

 Our expertise in the installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization of lifts makes us the most reliable lift company in UAE. Build with utmost care and professionalism our elevators are the most refined ones to keep you moving safely.

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Get The Best Quality Services From The Topmost Lift Company in UAE

Royal Fuji is one of the fastest-growing lift companies in the UAE. We use advanced technology to enhance the quality of our service worldwide. We put in all our hard work to give our clients grades with work.

passenger lift in UAE

Passenger Lift

Our passenger lifts are economical and safe. Royal Fuji offers small passenger lifts that can carry up to six passengers to huge lifts that can carry more than 25 people at a time. You have a wide variety of choices if it is from our company. Our passenger lifts offer optimum performance and need less maintenance.

Panoramic lift in UAE

Panoramic Lift

Panoramic lift is a new variant which integrates the passenger and panoramic functions into a whole. It has been produced with the combination of people’s transportation with aesthetics. The passengers can watch the beauty outside the building during the up and down process. They can enjoy the aesthetic feel brought along with the modern equipment.

Escalator in UAE


The unique feature of the escalators designed by Royal Fuji is the design of the escalator, which is so well-planned and exciting, keeping in mind the future needs, user-friendliness, and safety of the passengers. The several advantages of Royal Fuji elevators will make the best elevator company in UAE. We follow all the safety norms and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best after-sales service.

Hospital lift in UAE

Hospital Lift

Many elevator companies are providing hospital lifts. We are working on improvements and developments day by day to provide some uniqueness to our elevator. We are providing good quality and efficiency at friendly.

Moving walkways in UAE

Moving walkways

Royal Fuji moving Walk carries passengers safely, reliably, rapidly and comfortably as the means of transportation for the modern age. Royal Fuji’s moving walk consists of a power-efficient driving system and pleasant riding quality with a simple design, which produces comfort and an easy feeling with an extensive prospect.

Cargo lift in Dubai

Cargo Lift

Freight elevators or cargo lifts are often installed in buildings that need to transport large, bulky, or wholesome goods vertically. Otherwise known as a goods lift or cargo lift, these elevators are not meant for passenger use but serve various other purposes.

Stair Lift

Chair Lift

Stair lifts are a practical and economical solution for people who face mobility and accessibility problems within their homes but want to maintain a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle without having to relocate. We have the best stair or chair lift for your home.

Muneer Ahammed

Muneer Ahammed

Sales & Operation Manager - Royal Fuji

Mr. Muneer Ahammed holds the position of Sales & Operation Manager at Royal Fuji and possesses 16 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry. For any inquiries related to the home elevator, please do not hesitate to reach out to him.


Royal Fuji’s Dedicated Services in UAE

We provide both commercial and residential lifts. We customize high-quality products according to the needs of our customers. So we focus on the high-grade performance of all types of constructions.

Lift Installation

As the best lift installation company, we install any lift for private houses or commercial lift installation. It is tailored to the requirements of our customers will; stop we are strictly dedicated to providing high-grade services to our customers using advanced technology and a skilled team.

Lift Maintenance and Service

Proper maintenance is essential for the adequate working condition of your lifts. We provide lift maintenance contracts in UAE to our customers, which are regular, monthly and annual maintenance contracts. We are at your doorstep for all your needs and maintenance of your lifts.

Lift Inspection

Our proficiency in inspection services provides you with the peace of mind that once the equipment is ready for operation, it will be delivered in the best possible condition. Our engineers can identify and advise on the potential risks associated with equipment and do the needful for the users’ safety and the lift’s longevity.

Lift spare parts

Despite the best levels of maintenance, equipment does break down unexpectedly. In these rare situations, our professional engineers have access to our spare parts inventory to ensure the work is resumed as quickly as possible and with minimum downtime and disruptions.

Lift Repair

After some quality running, elevators need repair for their betterment, and unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions may also occur, which need to be treated fast for a smooth running condition. As the best lift service company in UAE, we always provide repair services to our customers. We work around the clock to be available 24/7 to our customers. Our professional team will reach out to you anytime to solve your problems

Lift Modernization

Lifts need modernization after a long period of use. Advancement occurs in all fields; lives are not exemptions. Royal Fuji provides modernization or lift replacement services with economic costs and saves time.

Lift suppliers

Royal Fuji currently holds exclusive distribution rights to the best elevators in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaima, and Fujairah. Royal Fuji has had a strong presence in the UAE elevator market for over 15 years. There is an emphasis on the quality of our product and the reliability of our service at the most competitive price.


It is not only mandatory by the Government lift department but also crucial for your safety and convenience to have the AMC of your lift from qualified-licensed elevator contractors. Royal Fuji Elevators is a licensed elevator contractor who maintains and installs all lifts. Royal Fuji AMC are designed to meet every customer’s requirements cost-effectively.

Our Clients

We believe in not just providing good service to our customers but also forming a trustworthy relationship based on understanding our clients requirement and offer them result oriented solutions.

Forklift in Dubai, UAE
Royal Fuji Star

About Royal Fuji

Royal Fuji is one of the best lift companies in the UAE. The company has been established for over 15 plus years in this market. Our lift and escalator company has marked its significance in this field with a skilled team and consistent hard work. 

We are dedicated to our work and to giving 100% to our work. We manufacture the most efficient lift at the most economical price. We have expertise in installation from maintenance, repair, and modernization of lifts in UAE. We take all our projects with utmost care and professionalism. We create and design the best and most refined elevators to keep your moving safely.

It’s our privilege to address that we are the top lift companies in UAE. We are recognized for the quality the originality of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common lift problems?

High or low voltage or fuses running hot are common faults in lifts.

How often be a lift serviced?

A standard lift should be serviced every twelve months to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency.

What type of safety gear is used in a lift?

Roller-type and wedge-type safety gears are used in a lift.

Which company's lift is best in UAE?

Royal Fuji is the best lift company in UAE.

Which type of elevator is used for a high-rise building?

Traction elevators lifted by ropes and passed over a wheel attached to an electric motor are used for high-rise buildings.