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As a fast- growing lift supplier in Dubai, Royal Fuji Star delivers only quality products to our guests. Our team is employed by professed and educated engineers who can guide you through creating a design structure and explaining the conservation, and forming lift service contracts.

Royal Fuji provides a wide range of services, from supplying, installing, and maintaining a massive range of elevators, lifts and escalators. We have various products, ranging from MRL passenger lifts and platform lifts to dumbwaiters and moving tampers.

We are one of the trendy lift suppliers in Dubai, especially for weight lifts. You can reach out to us effortlessly with our friendly customer service team for any of your lift-related queries. It’s our pleasure working with you.

Royal Fuji Star is the Innovative Lift Supplier in Dubai

Top Elevator company in Abu Dhabi

Royal Fuji is the topmost lift supplier in Dubai. We distribute standard products all over the United Arab Emirates. So we have had a strong presence in the UAE requesting further than 15 years. There is always a trust in the quality of our products and the flexible service at an attractive price, which makes us stand out from others.

As a largely educated lift company in Dubai, we can provide services like installation, modernization, conservation, and the form of your lifts. We use the latest noise reduction technologies, so our lifts have no noise. This is one of the enchanting features of our company’s products. Likewise, we follow a high safety ethos, use lower energy, and produce environmentally friendly products. This also adds value to our products and makes them the best.

Royal Fuji works in all types of structures by investing in the latest technology and flexible designs that suit your conditions. Our lift company offers a range of attractive services with beautiful customization.

Royal Fuji Star has the most important international instrument in terms of quality, safety, and Eco-design, so there is no oscillation in choosing the sharp lift suppliers in the world or in the UAE, It’s none other than Royal Fuji Star.

For Quality Services, Choose the Best Lift Company in Dubai

Royal Fuji is a unique and reputed lift company in Dubai. We give lifts and lifting outfits in Dubai and each around the UAE. We have a different range of options, from simple and common to luxurious lifts and their corridor.

Lift Installation company in Abu Dhabi

Lift Products

Our lift products provide a result to all of your long- term heavy lifting problems, as well as several other benefits such as increased productivity, saving time, easy and safe transportation of passengers and goods, and lower labour for getting goods, so installing our lift products in your construction makes your life so much easier. Our company is there to help you with installation services for any kind of lift.

Maintenance of all Brands Elevators in Abu Dhabi

Lift Modernization

Lifts are complex ministries, and they need the expertise to operate and maintain. Every part of a lift, including the doors, shaft, control panel, car, and pulley, works along with the electrical and mechanical systems of the structure, so it should be upgraded at frequent intervals to have a safe and happy lift. Our company has an attractive service for the modernization of your lifts.

Elevator Modernization Company in Abu Dhabi

Lift Maintenance and Repair

Lift Maintenance and repair services are an integral part of the overall structure conservation and should not be neglected. It should be carried out by a certified professional. As a certified company, Royal Fuji Star provides an extensive range of annual maintenance contract (AMC) to our guests. Regular lift maintenance and repair will extend the life of your lift.

What you can ensure from Royal Fuji as a Leading Lift Suppliers in Dubai

As a leading lift supplier in Dubai, Royal Fuji can provide you with a wide range of services when it comes to choosing the right lift for your needs. With our experienced team of experts, we can help you find the perfect lift products for your home or office, and we offer a variety of options to suit your budget and requirements.

Safety Products and Services

Safety is truly important for any mechanical business. We no way take this for granted and put in all the trouble to give quality and good products and quality service to our guests.

Flexible Cost

Maintenance of a lift or indeed, its installation or repair all bring a good amount. In our company, we offer very flexible and recent packages for our guests. We are very cost-effective and provident.

Customer Service

Our clients play a major role in our company’s success. We make every effort to meet our clients’ conditions, and we have a team of excellent customer service representatives ready to help you at any time.

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It’s our Pleasure to Hear from Our Customers

We’re always keen to hear from our customers in Dubai about their experiences with our products and services. Whether it’s suggestions for improvement or simply some feedback on what our clients liked, we’re all ears!


“Royal Fuji Star is a good lift company with effective communication. The regular follow- ups will make your work so easy and fast, with excellent service“.


“They have a professional lift architect. They were polite and professional and had some information and advice about our lift. Kind felicitations, Royal Fuji”.


“Just wanted to thank you for the quick response and every lift service that you handed moment. Your service is the best and I can’t thank you enough”.


“Well done on the great service and well-delivered design. Thanks for your support”.


“I just wanted to say thank you. Our lift was back in action this morning, and it saved us from the difficulty climbing the stairway”.

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

As the best lift supplier in Dubai, we believe that a great elevator company is only as good as its team of engineers. That’s why we have assembled a group of highly qualified and professional engineers who are dedicated to safety and quality first and foremost. If you’re in need of complete lift maintenance or any other kind of services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with the best possible service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of lifts are there on the market?

There are four types of lifts: hydraulic, traction, machine-room-less, and vacuum.

What is traction lift?

Traction lift is a very old and versatile type of lift. They consist of a lift car and a counter weight attached to the separate ends of a string which travel over a pulley wheel called a sheave at the top of the lift shaft.

What are the main parts of a lift?
  • Elevator car & shaft.
  • The Sheave & Motor.
  • Control unit.
  • Counterweight.
  • Machine drive.
  • Counterweight guide rails.
  • Guide rail fixing bracket.
What is a hydraulic Lift?

The hydraulic lift is an elevator which is operated by fluid pressure generated by a suitable fluid.

What is a buffer in a lift?

 Lift buffers are safety devices installed at the bottom of an elevator shaft.