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Royal Fuji: Your Trusted Lift and Escalator Supplier Dubai, UAE

Choose Royal Fuji as your trusted lift and escalator supplier in Dubai, UAE. Elevate reliability, safety, and style with our cutting-edge solutions for vertical transportation.

Muneer Ahammed

Muneer Ahammed | Updated February 13, 2024

Are you looking for reliable vertical solutions in Dubai? Then you reached the right place. We are the trusted Lift and escalator Supplier Dubai. We are a provider of high-quality elevator solutions that enhance people’s Convenience. As a top-notch supplier of lifts and escalators in Dubai, we are proud to offer:

1. Made with Italian Technology

2. Seamless installation of elevators from the ground floor to the 10th floor within 40- 42 days

3. Massive collection of spare parts and fastest delivery of it within 2- 3 hours.

4. All types of elevator and escalator solutions as per your needs

Elevate Your Expectations with Royal Fuji-  Lift and Escalator Supplier Dubai

Royal Fuji Lift and Escalator Products

Royal Fuji is a renowned lift and elevator suppliers Dubai and has a history of providing quality and reliable lift and escalator products. Let’s look at our lift and Escalator categories to choose the better solution for your vertical mobility needs.

1. Passenger Elevator

royal fuji passenger elevator

Elevate your transportation experience with Royal Fuji Passenger Elevators. Our Passenger elevators are made with superior quality to deliver a smooth and seamless journey to the passengers. Whether for commercial or residential purposes, we have you covered. Let’s have a quick scan of our Passenger elevator options.

2. MRL Passenger Lift


The future of elevator solutions. Royal Fuji MRL Passenger lifts are made with a sleek design that enhances the aesthetic value of the building and is also perfect for limited-space installations.

3. Home Elevator

Royal Fuji Mini Elevator - A stylish and efficient home mobility solution

The perfect addition for elegance and Convenience. Royal Fuji provides customized home elevator solutions to elevate the transportation facility in one’s abode. It is a touch of luxury and comfort together.

4. Hospital Elevator

Royal Fuji Hospital elevator

The face of safety. Royal Fuji Hospital elevators are designed to provide Convenience and reliable transportation in the healthcare industry. Our hospital elevators ensure swift rides because every second matters in the medical field.

5. Chair Lift

Vertical Wheelchair Lift for Home

Synonym for freedom and Convenience. Royal Fuji Stair Lifts are the best solution for people who face mobility challenges. Our Chair lift provides easy access to different floors and will forget their limitations. Through our Stairlift, we deliver freedom to physically incapable people.

6. Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum Home Elevator

Innovation in its finest form. Royal Fuji  Vacuum Elevators is a top-notch vacuum elevator provider. Our Vacuum elevators provide a seamless and eco-friendly ride to the passengers. These futuristic vertical solutions enhance elegance and offer a comfortable ride.

7. Panoramic Elevators

Royal Fuji Panoramic Lift

The perfect blend of style and functionality. Royal Fuji Panoramic elevators are famous not only for their functionality but also for their transparent glass walls, which give breathtaking views to passengers while travelling.

To know more about lift and escalator supplier in Dubai

Royal Fuji Escalators in Dubai

Revolutionize the transportation solutions with Royal Fuji Escalators. Incorporating all the modern advancements, Royal Fuji Escalators are the perfect example of seamless movement between floors. It is the contemporary form of Convenience, elegance and functionality suited for high-tier buildings and other modern architectures like shopping malls.

Let’s dig deeper into the types of our Escalator Products.

1. Moving Walkway/Travelator

Royal Fuji - Travelators in Dubai

The real game changer in transportation solutions. Royal Fuji Travelator provides horizontal access in airports, exhibition centres, etc. This offers effortless transportation for passengers.

2. Standard Escalators

Royal Fuji Escalator - Effortless vertical transportation with style

The perfect fusion of reliability and Convenience. Royal Fuji Escalators are the optimal choice for safe and seamless transportation. We designed Escalators with utmost care and using superior quality materials to provide enhanced vertical mobility solutions.

Features That Set Royal Fuji Apart

Royal Fuji lifts and escalators are best for their features. Take a closer look at the features that make us the best lift and escalator supplier Dubai.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We proudly provide our customers with modern technology vertical solutions. At Royal Fuji, we incorporate innovative solutions into lifts and escalator solutions to offer better Convenience and comfort.

Customization: We understand that the needs of the customer are also different. At Royal Fuji, our technical staff will provide personalized solutions which cater to your needs and requirements. Whether it’s a residential elevator, commercial elevator, or any specialized provision, we have you covered.

Safety First: We give paramount importance to safety. Our skilled staff incorporates advanced safety measures and keeps international safety standards to provide passengers with a secure and comfortable ride.

Energy Efficiency: We believe in environmental sustainability; that’s why our technical staff build our vertical solutions with energy-efficient features, which is also helpful in reducing operational costs.

Benefits of Choosing Royal Fuji-  Lift and Escalator Supplier Dubai

Choosing Royal Fuji lifts and escalators is the best way to embrace excellence and Convenience. Let’s unlock the benefits of Royal Fuji vertical solutions. It will make you understand why we are Dubai’s best lift and escalator supplier. Let’s explore the benefits briefly.

Reliability: Our lifts and escalators are best known for their reliability and smooth functioning.

Enhanced Mobility: Our Elevators improve mobility in the home, commercial and other architecture.

Increased Property Value: Our elevators are the best way to increase property value due to their convenience and sleek design.

Exceptional Service: Royal Fuji offers services like installation, repair, maintenance, AMC, Modernization and spare parts supply for the longevity of the elevators.

Royal Fuji Elevator Services

Royal Fuji staff performing elevator service with expertise.

Royal Fuji is known for its comprehensive services, which fuel the durability and reliability of our elevator products. Get ready to investigate further into our elevator services.

Installation Services: At Royal Fuji, we offer fast and efficient installation of elevator products.

Maintenance Services: Our maintenance services will provide uninterrupted transportation. 

Modernization Services: Royal Fuji we are one step ahead by providing modernization solutions for an enhanced experience.

Repair Services: Our expert technicians are there to care for your elevator breakdowns and ensure smooth and efficient transportation.

Spare Parts Supply Services: We have a vast collection of genuine elevator parts for uninterruptible functioning.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract): Royal Fuji AMC includes regular inspection and maintenance to ensure a safe and perfect ride.

Take a glance at our satisfied customers.

Our clients are our assets. We are happy that they chose us, and as a reward, we take care of their happiness by giving them a wide smile with our great vertical solutions. Take a look at our happy and satisfied clients.

Clients of Royal Fuji

Ascending to Excellence: Your Trusted Lift and Escalator Supplier Dubai

Royal Fuji is one of the most trusted lift and escalator supplier in Dubai. We reached that position by delivering quality elevator products and unparalleled elevator services. Our dedication and commitment make us top-notch in the vertical transportation industry, and we continue to thrive by excellence and passion. By choosing Royal Fuji, you can ascend to greatness.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Royal Fuji’s primary focus as a lift and escalator supplier?

Our primary focus is on delivering quality elevator products and unparalleled elevator services. We thrive on dedication, commitment to excellence, and passion in the vertical transportation industry.

2. Can I see examples of your satisfied customers’ experiences?

Yes, you can look at our happy and satisfied clients’ experiences, which reflect their contentment with our vertical solutions.

3. What elevator services does Royal Fuji provide?

We offer a range of elevator services, including installation, maintenance, modernization, repair services, spare parts supply, and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).

4. How do Royal Fuji’s elevator products contribute to energy efficiency?

We believe in environmental sustainability and build our vertical solutions with energy-efficient features to reduce operational costs.

5. What is the critical feature of Royal Fuji’s Vacuum Elevators?

Royal Fuji Vacuum Elevators are known for their top-notch quality and eco-friendly operation, offering passengers a seamless and comfortable ride.

Muneer Ahammed

Muneer Ahammed

Sales & Operation Manager - Royal Fuji

Mr. Muneer Ahammed holds the position of Sales & Operation Manager at Royal Fuji and possesses 16 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry. For any inquiries related to Lift and Escalator supplier in Dubai, please do not hesitate to reach out to him.