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Best Platform Lift in Dubai, UAE

Royal Fuji offers top-quality commercial lift systems in Dubai. 

Our company pursues the design, development, installation, modernization, repair, and maintenance of your lifting system.

Are you looking for the best platform lift in Dubai, UAE? If yes, you are in the right place.

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Royal Fuji – The Leading Platform Lift in Dubai, UAE

Platform lift in Dubai

Royal Fuji elevator company is a pioneering company. We redesign, manufacture, install and maintain lift equipment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, malls, airports, etc.

As the most significant manufacturer and supplier of lift equipment in the UAE, we take pride in our ability to extend a truly personal service and service at our office. It is all about the entire customer experience and satisfaction. In our work we always get below the root of the challenge; we listen, assess, and refine, and later we can tailor each product that correctly suits our every customer’s requirements.

Our team is composed of professional engineers with high-end experience in the engineering industrial and commercial lift sector. We have qualified technical staff and modern machinery to give the best service to our customers as a leading platform lift in Dubai.

As a Fast-Growing Platform Lift Company in Dubai

what customers can expect from us

In this fast-moving world, everything is swift; we completely rely upon elevators and platform stair lift for easy moving. It will be highly useful for elderly and disabled people. For their easy moving, we can use elevators, stair lifts and platform lifts.

A platform elevator will provide you with the privacy of an elevator at the price of a stair lift, so a platform lift is highly comfortable and useful and also it is cost-effective. Our company provides a complete package solution for all your platform lift services in Dubai.

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Installation of Platform Lift

We will provide both the site preparation and the complete installation process with the utmost quality. We can install hydraulic platform lifts in any kind of building with ease and comfort. It will not take much civil work for the installation process. We assure you with the full packed quality service.

Stairlift maintenance

Benefits of Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are easy-to use and can move smoothly. They are very compact and bold. It can well suit all types of construction so that there is no need for much civil work. They have a user-friendly- design with high-end safety and comfort. The stairway platform lift is used for people who cannot walk and is always in a wheelchair. These lifts are equipped with all the technologies required to ensure the proper safety of the passenger.

Modernization of Platform lift in Dubai

Platform Lift Modernization

Elevator modernization is the process of refurbishing the critical parts of the elevator in order to handle new technology, better performance, improved safety and look new as well. We Royal Fuji offers modernization of all types of platform lift for home or commericial with high-quality service.

Cable Driven Elevator

Repair and Maintenance

Our elevator maintenance services are known for their quality. We provide personalized care and attention to each customer’s elevator issues. A quality elevator maintenance contract should be scheduled in a way keeping in mind of customers’ maintenance control plan (MLP). The passengers should be safe, pass all state inspections and it should avoid costly repairs and replacements. We Royal Fuji provides all these aspects at an affordable cost.

Let us take you to the highlights of our Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are easy to use and it is very useful for elders and disabled people it can be installed in any kind of construction with precision by our skilled team of engineers and technicians.


It is reliable and can be afforded by everyone. Everyone can be benefited from our service. This is one of the good elements of our company.

Perspective Operation

You can operate the machine according to your control, you can on and off the platform lift. The pushing pressure of the lift is controlled by the rocker switch to travel up and down. The safety barrier is automated.

Weather Durability

It is resistant to all types of weather because it has a specialized coating protective VPL so it can enable indoor as well as outdoor installation.

Designed to Safety

It is attached to the sensor and the unit will shut down when the obstruction sensor under the platform is touched. Our platform lifts are designed to be completely safe for the users. Additional safety among this is the emergency stop switch on the platform control panel.

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What Our Clients Say

Our clients are privileged because they have the opportunity to work with us and let us do something we enjoy. Our services are so vastly different to what others can offer which makes what we do so special.


“We choose Royal Fuji because we have already worked with them in the past and had a good experience. Again their efficient work made us pleased“.


Royal Fuji is very professional. They pay dominant attention to safety as well as customer service. Our company had a great experience with the royal Fuji team. We are impressed by the professionalism, speed, and efficiency. Good job!“.


“Royal Fuji has provided a professional and experienced project management service which was extraordinary till the end”.


“Very happy and highly impressed by the Royal Fuji products. It is highly recommended”.

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

At Royal Fuji, we pride ourselves on our team of professional engineers who specialize in the lift industry. We know that safety and quality are always top priorities for our customers, so you can be assured that you’re receiving the best possible service when you contact us. Whether you’re searching for a platform lift or any other kind of service, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a VPL work?

Platform lifts will have large screws, the screws spin and raise or lower the attached platform.

Is VPL safe?

Yes, they are safe and national codes have been established for their safety. The buyers should make sure it has both FDA & ETL or UL listings of the equipment before purchase.

Where do I call for assistance with my questions?

Call us today to have a detailed conversation with our vertical platform lift expert.

What maintenance is required?

 The manual details of maintenance will do. Generally like cleaning and lubricating the unit annually.

Why should I choose platform lift from Royal Fuji?

At our company, we pride ourselves on offering the best platform lift in Dubai. Our selection is known for being of the highest quality and performing smoothly. Our platform lifts are designed with your ease and comfort in mind – we want to make your life as hassle-free as possible.