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Best Escalator Company in Dubai

Trusted brand for its Quality and Safety

Are you looking for a one-stop destination for maintenance and repair on your escalators? Then Royal Fuji Star will be your best choice. We offer all kinds of installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization of all brands of escalators in Dubai with fine quality and safety. Our escalators are manufactured by skilled professionals using the latest technologies. 

We Royal Fuji Star, one of the leading escalator company in Dubai are exhilarated to serve you with the best in this field with utmost dedication. Your trust is our empowerment. We ensure you that you will be served with the best.


Best Escalator Company in Dubai

best escalator company in Dubai

As the name suggests we are the stars in the escalator manufacturing and maintenance company in Dubai. We have 15+ years of significant expertise in the field of manufacturing elevators and escalators. We have a wide range of products manufactured by professionals in this field.

It is very challenging to keep up with our fast-paced society. As technology is developing rapidly people seek shortcuts whether it’s in work, travel, shopping, entertainment, or in any other field. To make life easy our company serves you in different ways in different places. 

We are the best escalator company in Dubai. We provide quality, economical and noise-free escalators. You can enjoy your escalation with ease and style along with us. We extend our services in commercial and economical escalators, repairs, and maintenance. We are easily accessible and customer friendly. Our Clients satisfaction is our priority.

Among the Top Professional Escalator Company in Dubai, what we do

Every one of our structures is different because it is a one-of-a-kind entity, and it should be handled as such. We take the utmost attention with each and every project we work on and make sure that every building receives personalized, premium treatment so they genuinely stand out from the competition.

New escalator and Installation

New Escalator Installation

Royal Fuji is one of the leading escalator manufacturers in Dubai. We manufacture new escalators using the western technique by great professionals who are pioneers in the field. We install escalators in commercial and residential places with good service.

Escalator Modernization Company in Dubai


As technology is growing rapidly we have to be updated along with it. So updating according to the changes is very important. We, the Royal Fuji, the appropriate escalator service company, provide you with all sorts of modernization with a skilled team and make your escalators new and exuberant.

Escalator Maintenance in Dubai

Escalator Maintenance

Continuous escalator service, short-term and Annual Maintenance Contracts, high performance, and simple access to professional assistance are all benefits that we offer to our customers. We provide regular maintenance that helps to keep the escalator in good condition, preventing unexpected flaws and increasing its longevity and safety. We are the best escalator maintenance company in Dubai.

Escalator Repair Service in Dubai

Repair Service

Our professionals will be just a call away to serve you with any kind of unexpected breakdowns or flaws. Our customer service is easy to access and it works 24/7 with professional technicians to solve the problems at the earliest.

What makes us the #1 Escalator Company in Dubai

Our basic assumptions highlight how Royal Fuji became one of the top escalator companies in Dubai. By providing the highest-grade services that are dependable and guaranteed by promises, we have constantly put the needs of the client first.


Quality is one of the integral aspects of all machinery. So we make sure to provide only A-grade quality to our customers. We deliver QA QC-approved products to our customers. There is no compromise for the quality.


Quality marks the safety of a product. We provide the best quality escalators so safety is guaranteed. We focus on manufacturing escalators that are safe, user-friendly and comfortable for all to use. We rigidly test the technology to ensure efficiency and reliability.


Royal Fuji serves the best escalator and elevators in Dubai at a reasonable cost. We are very economical and have a wide range of product availability for the customers to rely upon. Our products are feasible for any kind of construction.

Customer service

Customers are the backbone of our company. Royal Fuji ranks as one of the top escalator companies in Dubai because of our loyal customers. So we put maximum effort to provide the best service to our clients. We create a trustworthy relationship with our customers.

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What Our Clients Say

Working with 242 premium clients is something we are proud of. Here are a handful of their endorsements:


“Our office escalator stopped all of a sudden and created great chaos. As soon as we contacted Royal Fuji they jumped into action swiftly and cleared our problem. We are very happy to be associated with Royal Fuji and pleased with their service“.


“The escalator in our building made some noise frequently. That is when I contacted the customer support of Royal Fuji and I was surprised with their service. They patiently listened to our problem and responded with quick action. I highly recommend Royal Fuji”.


“Royal Fuji provides outstanding service, good communication, and excellent follow-ups. I rate this company with 5 stars”.


“The level of their customer service is phenomenal”.

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

Royal Fuji has a team of professional engineers who specialize in the elevator industry. Their top priorities are safety and quality. If you are in search of complete escalator maintenance or any kind of service, they will provide you with the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Royal Fuji a global company?

Yes, we are a globalized escalator company that extends its service to more than 20 countries. 

How reliable is the quality?

We provide QA & QC-approved and ISO-certified products.

Do your products cost high in the market?

No, we are very economical and we provide a range of services.

If I want a customized elevator can Royal Fuji accommodate this?

Yes, we do customize products as per the client’s needs.

Why should I choose your escalators from Royal Fuji?

We are the best escalators company in Dubai that are known for their quality and smooth performance. Our escalators are designed to make your life easier and trouble-free.