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Elevator Third-Party Inspection in Dubai 

Manufacturing and operation companies of elevators must be confident that the construction of the elevators is designed to carry people safely and reliably, meeting all standardized rules.

As an authorized elevator third-party inspection in Dubai, we can perform the overall series of assessments legally needed for your elevators.

Ensure a proper and safe Lift system with the trusted brand in Dubai.

Royal Fuji – an Authorized Elevator Third-Party Inspection in Dubai

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Royal Fuji is a standardized elevator third-party inspection in Dubai that has over 18 years of experience in the field and high-quality services. We assure you that your elevators follow all the rules or standards ranging from industrial safety to the minimum installation cost. Our elevator third-party inspection in Dubai helps you to gain the highest quality and standards for your elevator system.

Our varied range of elevator testing services assures a high level of safety which detects even a tiny flaw to prevent accidents and ensure safety. With a wide range of inspection services for elevator systems, we can tailor all the customer’s requirements accordingly and provide quality services with a professional elevator inspection team.

Our vast field of inspection services guarantees the safety and reliability of your elevators. Our third-party inspection brings a lot of unbiased product quality and standards for the products.

Get the Best Elevator Inspection Services in UAE

The following are the services that Royal Fuji, a firm that does third-party elevator inspections, offers.

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Elevator Inspection

Elevators should be inspected at regular intervals not exceeding one year, and the result records of annual elevator inspections should be posted in elevators. Royal Fuji provides you with high-quality third-party elevator inspection for your elevators. 

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Elevator Maintenance

We offer a broad range of maintenance contracts, from highly standardized to individually tailored ones to meet the customers’ specific requirements. Our maintenance contracts are flexible in options and features for any brand and model.

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Escalator Inspection

We assure the performance and reliability of your escalator and its components with our dedicated elevator inspection team. Trusted certification services from our national escalator inspection company are provided to other customers.

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Elevator Modernization and Repair

Elevators are to be modernized at regular intervals, or they will become outdated, and you will not effectively work your elevators. Our company provides modernization and repair to any brand of elevators at an economical cost.

What you will get from our Third-Party Elevator Inspection in Dubai

Royal Fuji’s best elevator third-party inspection in Dubai provides authorized inspections and certifications


We are available for one-to-one consulting where we guide you with all kinds of inspections and certifications the consumers should legally follow; we will have a detailed explanation about these things in the consulting services.


As our inspection services are highly authorized and unbiased, you can trust the quality of the product and our services.Our engineering staff, licensed and insured, is always looking for ways to make our products’ features safer for you.

Cost Savings

It is better to be early in finding any faults. Through our start of inspection services, we will see even minute falls, which helps protect the elevators from causing a massive loss to the company later. And we offer all kinds of services in a very flexible and cost-effective way.


We offer flexible contracts for both options and features of all brands and models. We have different kinds of inspections, reading from frequent inspections to two annual inspections with effective and economic costs.

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What our customers say about us

Our clients are our biggest strength. We’re forever keen to hear from our clients, regarding their experiences with our products and services.


We have known Royal Fuji elevator’s third-party inspection team for a long time; they are doing very well in the inspection field. I wish a perfect future for the Royal Fuji team.


“Our company had a very beneficial working relationship with Royal Fuji over the years. They present a high level of integrity and professionalism towards their work”.


“I was pleased to work with Royal Fuji for the third-party elevator inspection. Their excellent work and efforts are commendable”.


“Royal Fuji is a global network of highly trained technical inspectors. Great to work with them”.


“Royal Fuji is fast, flexible, and provides customizable quality assurance services. Happy to be a part of this company”.

Why Royal Fuji?

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We have been providing excellent customer service for over 15 years in the field of lifts and escalators. The company has earned its desired reputation for prompt customer service. Royal Fuji is an authorized elevator third-party inspection in Dubai. The consistency in delivering elegant and efficient elevator services to our customers marks the company unique in this industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the third-party inspection?

Third-party inspection is an independent institution that reviews the product and determines the products are with specific standards for safety, quality, and performance.

Why need a third-party inspection required?

Third-party inspection brings a lot of quality and improvement to the product, which assures the safety of the product.

What is a third-party inspection for safety?

An independent company does third-party inspections to uphold quality claims that ensure the product’s safety.

What is the role of a quality inspector?

A quality inspector is the one who checks if the manufactured product meets all the standard requirements and approves the product.