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Best Elevator Supplier in UAE; Supply Quality Products on Demand

Royal Fuji is the most influential supplier and installer of elevators and escalators in the UAE. We develop custom-tailored vertical transportation to suit any premises and budget, ranging from primary installations to luxurious finishes.

With over 15 years of design and engineering experience, we superciliously serve clients ranging from familiar house owners to the most prestigious private and public organizations.

All other products are constructed to the highest quality and safety standards. It marks us as a reputed elevator supplier in UAE.

Royal Fuji-premiere Elevator Supplier in UAE

Top Elevator company in Abu Dhabi

Royal Fuji is the best elevator supplier in UAE, providing supply, maintenance and installation of residential and commercial sites. It has an intense range of passengers, home elevators and stair lifts.

We have machine room less, belt-driven pits, fewer passenger lifts and disabled platform lifts in our product portfolio. We also lay out Home elevator solutions for villas. Our lifts are exclusively designed to fortify and blend in with their surroundings using the latest innovative designs and styles.

Royal Fuji is the most appropriate choice if you are looking for a highly customizable and Tailor-made elevator supplier. Our company offers the best solution for your elevators from the beginning of the installation period to the after-sale maintenance. We are very flexible with our products and services.

Royal Fuji, A Leading Elevator Suppliers in UAE, Provides the Best Quality Services

Royal Fuji, leading elevator supplier in UAE,are customized as per the requirements of our clients and are designed to meet the highest standard in the market.

Lift Installation company in Abu Dhabi

Elevator Supplier

Royal Fuji, as the best elevator supplier, offers a wide range of elevator products for any building. We develop remedial measures for increased proficiency and quality in close association with the clients and business partners. We focus on understanding our client’s requirements and offer them proper tools and solutions that make them enhance their productivity, thereby increasing the profit at an accessible price. We have all kinds of elevators and their parts at a reasonable price and high standard quality.

Elevator Modernization Company in Abu Dhabi

Cargo Lift Supplier

Royal Fuji is one of the level-headed and renowned organizations involved in offering our clients a broad spectrum of hydraulic cargo lifts at the best prices. We assure you that we deliver quality products to our customers. We have over 15 years in the market providing 100 percent quality products at reasonable rates.

Maintenance of all Brands Elevators in Abu Dhabi

Escalator Suppliers

Royal Fuji is a leading escalator supplier in UAE. We supply high-grade quality escalators for a life span. We supply and manufacture various kinds of escalators which will have smooth and uninterrupted flow. We have an eco-friendly, versatile design and a high focus on the safety of the lifts. These are the main components of our different types of escalators. We offer a range of escalators, auto walks and moving walkways for large spaces with high quality. We also provide specific travelators and airport escalators.

Royal Fuji Star Products

A to Z Elevator Supplier

We are the best in customer service and price in the market. We have a variety of styles and faster delivery worldwide. We provide reliable and durable elevators for all residential and industrial facilities. We have all types of elevators, from common to luxurious ones, at affordable prices. We have an MRL passenger lift,Platform lift,etc.

Royal Fuji known for its versatile features and services

We are the trending company in lifts and escalators. You can get new elevators, modernization tools and world-class service packages for your business from our company.

Customized Product's

Be customer’s products according to the needs of the customers first of re-manufactured elevators after the science investigation, and we tailor it according to the site structure so there will not be any chaos.

Clarity and Transparency

Our deals are entirely transparent. We are open to our customers with the agent’s every process; first, we explain every detail to them, making them confident and comfortable with our company.

Fast Delivery and Installation

Our products will be delivered within the scheduled time . we tend to make sure the quickest delivery of our product.  Installation process is also quick and does not require more civil work.

Experienced Technicians

We have a team of well-experienced engineering technicians and engineers pioneering the field. They assure quality services to the customers on time with precision.

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Our customer’s piece of thought about Royal Fuji

Customers are an integral part of a company;they are the one who plays a vital role in the development of a company.


“They are speedy in the installation process. The staff were friendly and helpful. They have done a very nice job. I was impressed with the neatness, compactness and quality of work done by Royal Fuji. Thank you“.


“Royal Fuji is a fantastic place to find the best solutions for all your elevator needs. They are perfect and the best in the market”.


“I chose a Royal Fuji to install my home lift a year ago. The company’s commitment to its clients was evident in its excellent work”.


“I was searching for a good lift company to install a lift in our three-storied apartment, and we were lucky enough to choose Royal Fuji. They have the best packages of lifts in the market. I will recommend them to everyone”.


“We are very much impressed and satisfied with the product quality and the professional team that Royal Fuji has”.

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

Royal Fuji aims to manufacture the best lifts and escalators in the industry with a mentality of responsibility towards our clients. Our elevators and escalators not only make you go up or down in comfortable style, however they are designed in order that they’re going to keep in superior condition throughout the years to come, even beneath any conditions. As the best Elevator Supplier in UAE, we will prioritize safety and durability when creating our high-quality products by making innovative designs that allow for added comfort and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of elevators are there in the market?

There are four types of elevators;

  • Hydraulic Elevator
  • Traction Elevator
  • Machine- Room- Less Elevator
  • Vacuum Home Elevator
Which are the types of Traction Lifts?
What is the central part of an elevator?

Cabin is the central part of elevator

What is a buffer in a lift?

Lift buffers are safety devices mounted at the base of an elevator shaft.