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The Best Cargo Lift Supplier in UAE

 Are you an industrialist? Do you have heavy goods to transport? Do you find this process tiring? No more worries; Royal Fuji is here to make your work easier with our outstanding cargo lift. We supply cargo lifts in and across the UAE. Our cargo lifts are very smooth and easy to access. We manufacture, import, and provide cargo lifts. We also do services like installation, modernization and maintenance, and repair.

Royal Fuji – The Best Cargo Lift Supplier in UAE

Best Cargo Lift Suppliers in the UAE

Royal Fuji is an authorized cargo lift supplier in UAE. We are a well-specialized industrial and construction solutions provider in the UAE Construction sector. We provide international brands at competitive prices in the market and unparalleled after-sales service to our clients.

Royal Fuji is the most preferred lift supplier in the UAE. We are considered one of the most cost-effective cargo lift suppliers in Dubai. Royal Fuji is ranked top by supplying superior quality goods lift, known for its excellent finishing quality.

We have professional experts, high-quality materials, and innovative technology which ensure lower power utilization, precision, durability, and resistivity to any situation. Our lifts are designed using the finest quality components and modern tools.

Our lifts are tested for various quality parameters to ensure their quality and safety.

Royal Fuji, The Best Cargo Lift Supplier in UAE, Assures You of the Best Service in the Market

We have pioneered the supply of elevators in the UAE. We are one of the leading lift suppliers in Dubai.

 lift supplier in the UAE


Installation is a vital process that needs professional technical specifications and models. The installation process focuses on hoisting, position adjustments, connection, fixing, and running. Royal Fuji will do this work with complete dedication.

Cargo Lift Supplier in the UAE


To maintain the cargo lift’s good working condition, we must maintain it regularly by doing some basic procedures. The machine should be used periodically. The dust in the guide rails should be removed. You should not use a wet cloth or spray for cleaning. Regular maintenance will ensure the long life of the elevator.

 lift supplier in the UAE


We use internationally recognized expertise to serve you with the best elevator modernization solutions. Our Royal Fuji engineering and systems improve your elevators’ reliability, safety, performance, and aesthetics at an affordable rate with high-end quality.

Cargo Lift Supplier in the UAE


Unexpected problems may occur to your lift. If you encounter any issues during the use, you can call Royal Fuji, and we will provide you with maintenance and support service at an attractive price and at the right time.

Royal Fuji is Known for its Innovation and the Quality of its Products

 One of the largest cargo lift supplier in UAE, we have a unique and best product that meets all your requirements.

Compact Design

The latest and most advanced designs worked along with the newest trend. All the current trend elevators are very compact in format, saving space and working effectively. All of our products are compact and trim.

Advanced Technology

Royal Fuji uses advanced technology right from the design till the installation process stops; this will ensure the product’s premium quality and good working efficiency.

Customizable products

We supply customized products according to the requirements of our customers. Royal Fuji is a leading manufacturing and exporting high-quality goods company with experienced industrial experts working with premium quality.

High Performance

All of our products will do their work beyond your expectation. It is equipped with all the standard recommendations, its life is long, and its performance is high, but the cost is affordable.

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What Our Clients Say

Our clients are lucky because they get to work with us and do something we love. Our services are so different from what anyone else can offer, which makes what we do so special.


“Royal Fuji is very professional and experienced with the installation of cargo lifts. The lift worked as it should after the installation. Good work“.


“I appreciate the excellent service and the quality of the Royal Fuji cargo lift. It exceeded our expectations and is a highly recommended product”.


“The entire process, from the initial to the installation by the team Royal Fuji, was outstanding. They helped us a lot to choose the perfect lift to fit in with our budget. They are super friendly folks”.


“Royal Fuji is a fantastic, attentive company to work with. They overcame all the challenges that come during the installation process, and they made it very accessible”.


“Royal Fuji is one of the best cargo lift suppliers in the UAE . Their products are good, safe, and reliable. It is highly recommended”.

Why Royal Fuji?

Royal Fuji Star

Royal Fuji cargo lifts are designed to satisfy the client’s requirements using high-quality raw materials. We offer the best quality cargo lifts. These are manufactured using superior-grade raw materials sourced from some of the most reliable vendors in the market. Other cargo lifts are known for their high toughness, corrosion resistance, and longer life. We have a good reputation in the market as a leading supplier of cargo lifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cargo lift cost?

Cargo lifts used to lift heavy goods cost an average of $ 75000.

Can goods lift carry People?

Hydraulic lifts are an excellent solution to carry goods from one floor to another; their capacity range from 50kgs to 500kgd. But a hydraulic passenger lift can take 15 to 20 people.

What are the standard recommendations for goods lifts?

Goods lift requires a pit of 50 – 150mm.

What is a service lift?

The lift which carries heavy goods in the place of business is a service lift.

What is the complete form of AMC?

Annual Maintenance Cost