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Rising Above: Exploring the 5 Best Elevator Brands in the World, 2024

Ascend to excellence! Dive into a global journey exploring the 5 best elevator brands in the world.

Muneer Ahammed

Muneer Ahammed | Updated January 21, 2024

In this era of life, people value time more than anything. As technology grows day by day, the life condition of human life increases, and people are more curious about having a quality life, and more precisely, they are not at all ready to compromise on anything. Now, even the arrival of A. I things get more spicy. 

Here comes the importance of transportation facilities. Today’s landscape consists of a fast environment and multi-story buildings. A mandatory need is to provide better access to different floors within a building. We must know about the world’s best elevator brands. This article will give you a clear picture of the 5 best elevator brands in the world. Let’s look at each brand in detail.

1. Royal Fuji Elevator and Escalator Company

Logo of Royal fuji star elevator & escalators

Royal Fuji Elevator and Escalator Company is one of the best elevator brands in the world, providing quality elevators and excellent elevator and escalator services. With the support of Italian technology, Fuji is providing the world’s best elevators without fail. With 16 years of experience in the vertical mobility solution field, we proudly offer our elevator products to 7 emirates. Regardless of the project size, we are there for all your doubts and needs.

Have a quick span below to know why Royal Fuji is considered the best elevator brand in the world: 

  • Royal Fuji offers the best customer service. Royal Fuji staff is there for everything from free consultation to after-sales service.
  • Royal Fuji offers fast delivery. You will get your desired elevator in just 30 days. 
  • Efficient and smooth elevator installation from the ground floor to the 10th floor will take only 40- 42 days.
  • Our experience in this realm makes us offer various elevators and escalator products. 
  • We have a collection of spare parts for all brands, which we can deliver within 2- 3 hours. 
  • Royal Fuji offers exceptional services such as installation, maintenance, repair, modernization, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Spare Parts, lift equipment inspection, and so on for the longevity of your lifts. 

Our dedicated staff provide meticulous attention in each step of this journey, making your transportation as smooth as possible.

2. Otis Elevator

Logo of Otis Elevator Company

Otis Elevator is one of the best elevator brands in the world, serving since 1857. Their range of services is spread among almost 200 countries. They proudly provide stylish, safe, and quality elevator products.

Let’s have a look at what Otis Elevator company accounts for everyone.

All these make Otis one of the best customer choices.

3. Kone Middle East LLC

Logo of Kone Elevator Company

Kone Middle East LLC is one of the best elevator brands in the world. As an expert provider of elevators and escalators, Kone serves almost 60 countries. Their area of expertise provides vertical mobility solutions not only to the new building but also to the existing building. 

Kone Middle East LLC offers

  • Expert staff support from selecting the elevator to after-sales service.
  • Provides Elevators, Escalators, and other vertical mobility solutions.
  • Incorporating a digital approach to elevators.
  • Fusing A.I into the mobility solution field for a better experience.
  • Offer elevator services such as Customer Service, Maintenance, and modernization to the existing buildings. 

4. TK Elevator

TK Elevator Company Logo

Established in 1998, TK Elevator is one of the best elevator brands in the world. They proudly provide installation, maintenance, and repair services to all elevators and escalator products. 

TK Elevator offerings include:

  • Incorporating Digital advancement into Elevators
  • Their range of products includes Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways, Digital solutions, Multi- Airport Solutions, Etc. 
  • Offers four types of service agreements: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 
  • Provides cost-effective solutions to all over their networks. 

All these make TK Elevator the best elevator brand in the world and also the favourite choice of customers.

5. Schindler Group

Logo of Schindler Group

If you are looking for residential, commercial, or public transportation facilities, Schindler has them covered with their range of elevator products. From standard elevators to customer solutions, Schindler has everything under their collections. With its headquarters in Dubai, Schindler is one of the best elevator brands in the world and serves through subsidiary companies in UAE, Saudi- Arabia, Morocco, Qatar, Lebanon, and Egypt.

Schindler offers:

  • Expert in manufacturing elevators and also provides excellent services such as installation, modernization, Etc.
  • Swiss quality elevators
  • Pioneer of innovative mobility solutions.
  • Provides elevators to all types of buildings: Low rise to high rise, significant to small, and heavy to light.

In a world full of elevator providers, being top among them is a matter of quality, innovation, and reliability. All the above brands become the best elevator brands in the world due to their immense contribution to the vertical mobility solution field.

These brands are not just the manufacturers of elevators; instead, they are the creators of providing ultimate transport solutions, convenience, and safety.

Each brand is different, and its unique selling proposition makes it friendlier to the customer due to its various needs and requirements. These brands are the epitome of elevating excellence and taking the convenience of transportation to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What makes Royal Fuji Elevator and Escalator Company stand out?

A1. Royal Fuji combines Italian technology with 16 years of experience to provide exceptional elevator solutions. They offer rapid delivery (30 days), efficient installation (40-42 days), a wide range of products, spare parts availability, and comprehensive services for longevity.

  1. Why is Otis Elevator renowned?

A2. Otis Elevator, serving since 1857, is known for its innovative, stylish, and safe elevator products. They cater to various sectors, offering customizable solutions and exceptional services like maintenance, repair, and modernization.

  1. What sets Kone Middle East LLC apart?

A3. Kone Middle East LLC’s expertise covers elevators, escalators, and vertical mobility solutions. They excel in digital advancements, incorporating AI for a better user experience. Their services extend to new and existing buildings.

  1. What makes TK Elevator a top choice?

A4. Established in 1998, TK Elevator excels in digital advancement and offers a wide range of elevator products, escalators, and more. They provide cost-effective solutions, different service agreements, and a robust network.

  1. How does Schindler stand out?

A5. Schindler offers a comprehensive range of elevator solutions, from residential to commercial and public transportation. Swiss quality, innovation, and a global presence make them a go-to choice for various building types.


Muneer Ahammed

Muneer Ahammed

Sales & Operation Manager - Royal Fuji

Mr. Muneer Ahammed holds the position of Sales & Operation Manager at Royal Fuji and possesses 16 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry. For any inquiries related to best elevator brands in the world, please do not hesitate to reach out to him.