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We focus on standard results across all levels of service. Whether it’s new lift installation, maintenance, repair or modernization services.

♦Fast Service all over UAE ♦ 30 Days Fast Delivery ♦ 42 – 45 Days Project Completion upto 10 Floors ♦ Italy Products ♦ All Spare parts available in UAE (Get within 2 Days)

Muneer Ahammed

Muneer Ahammed | Sales & Operation Manager

Our Services


New Elevators & Escalators


Repair and Modernization of Elevators & Escalators


Maintenance of all Brands Elevators & Escalators


Dumbwaiter & Chair Lifts


Cargo & Platform Elevators


Repair of Damaged Elevator Motherboards & Drives

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Modernization


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Annual Maintenance Contract

Elevator Repair and Service

Repair Services

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New Elevator & Installation

Royal Fuji Star Products

Affordable Spare Parts & More

What We Do

As an integrated lift service company, the little things do not slip by. Our services show how Royal Fuji stands out from the competition


Preventing Costly Repairs by Ensuring the Design Caught Trouble


Fastest Response Times. 30mins Response Time During Office Hours


All Spare Parts are Stocked to Replace the Worn items before They Fail


We have a Regular Maintenance Schedule to Customise your Needs


Ensuring the Performance and Smooth Operation with VVF Frequency Control


We Continue to Serve 24/7/365, So No Labour Interruptions


Helping You to Avoid Expensive Liability Claims

A Little About Us

Royal Fuji Star

Royal Fuji Star was dedicated to “Set a Quality” in Elevator service, Elevator maintenance and Elevator modernization. With over 16 years of combined experience collectively, Royal Fuji ensures the life expectancy of your vertical transportation equipment. We are tireless in assure that we are reliable and affordable for our customers. You can relax assured that we’ve got the best of the best working for you.

Our Clients

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is there any catalogue?

a. Download catalogue now?

2. How to contact you?

a. Just click here:- +971-50-6515493

3. I need a quote?

a. Get a quote for your project in just a few clicks! Simply write your requirements in the form (Click here – GET QUOTE) and submit it or CALL US or WHATSAPP NOW. You’ll receive your quote within 8 hours.

4. Where do you provide services in UAE?

a. Our services are available throughout the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.